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The Gouffre river is situated approximately one hundred kilometers north of Québec city, in the Charlevoix region. It is seventy two kilomiters long and falls into St-Lawrence river in Baie St-Paul. The Gouffre river is the closest salmon river in distance with Québec and Montréal.

The association

The Association de Conservation de la Vallée du Gouffre (ACVG) was founded on March 20th 1979. The goal was to make the Gouffre river one of the popular salmon river in the province of Québec. In the spring of 1979, it was discovered that there was about 100 salmon pools in the Gouffre river.

Since then, 65 of these pools have been setup for fishing, there are also walking trails all along the river with picnic tables and shelters. There are two footbridges which permits the access to all the fishing sites. There are information signs indicating the directions on how to get to these fishing sites.

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Association de Conservation de la Vallée du Gouffre

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